Data Recovery


Have you lost or deleted important files or documents?

When you lose your data sometimes you can fully recover it simply by going into the recycle bin and restoring it while other times it may be deleted from the recycling bin as well. You need to restore the document soon in order to finish your work. There are other ways that you can lose your data; Hardware problems, system problems, computer virus, disaster such as a fire or other act of nature that may cause damage to your computer. With the technology that is available today you can sometimes recover data from your hard drive even after a fire, depending on the damage that was done. There is hardly anything that prevents recovery of data now. Just because your data seems lost or deleted don’t underestimate what data recovery sources can do to bring your data back and restore it to its original form.

Data recovery from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, memory cards and USB sticks,
even if  Windows has stopped working .
 We can come and visit you at your home or workplace if you are local.
 For data recovery further afield please call us and discuss your problems and we can advise and use a courier service.

You will appreciate the straightforward and uncomplicated service, with very flexible hours.
We offer these services:

• Data Recovery

• Data Recovery from Hard Drives
• Data Recovery from SSD Hard Drives
• Data Recovery from DVD’s
• Data Recovery from CD’s
• Data Recovery from Memory Cards and Sticks
• Data Recovery from Flash Drives
• Data Recovery from USB Sticks
• Data Recovery Floppy Discs
• Data Recovery Mobile Device

We offer express service and have proven that most data Recovery can be completed faster and for considerably less money than most of our competitors. Our technicians come equipped with more many years of expertise.
Appointments are not always needed; visit us when it is convenient for you and your schedule.

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